Auto Appraisals

Do you really know what your car is worth? Is the media broadcast of collector car auctions making the value of your collection unclear? Have you been misguided by an illegitimate appraisal for insurance purposes?
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Pro Touring Muscle Cars

Do you wish that your classic car would perform like your modern sports or exotic car? Do you desire the ultimate Muscle Car for pleasure or track use with all the creature comforts of a modern engineered automobile?
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Concours Detailing

Is your car or collection showing wear and tear? Do you desire to bring your car back to level 1 condition for show or sale? Learn about our Concours Detailing and Preservation services for your collector and special interest automobile. Read More »

Auction Representation

Are you feeling stuck with your collection and need buyers and sellers assistance? ACS can help you buy, prepare for sale and sell your collector car. We offer online buyer and sellers assistance as well as onsite national auction representation. Read More »

Concours Restorations

Is a Concours Restoration something you always wanted but that you lacked the resources and the time to perform? Do you have a vehicle with sentimental value that you plan to never sell and want to pass on to future generations? Learn more about how ACS approaches this level of restoration for your next project. Read More »

Collector Car Management

The value of your prized Collector and special interest vehicle lies with the caretakers in whom you ensure trust. ACS offers a broad scope of professional services to meet your needs and we are able to manage your car collection on a daily basis. Read More »
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Our specialists have extensive knowledge and technical acumen in all areas of Collector Car Management; Concours Preparation, Auction Representation, Consultation and Acquisition Assistance to complete Restoration Services