ACS Showroom

The ACS Showroom offers a wide display of special gifts from automobilia, fine art, automotive inspired furnishings, vintage vending, porcelain signs, gas pumps and everything in between for the automotive and vintage collector. We also will regularly have vehicles for sale for clients so please bookmark this page.

To find some amazing vintage car pedal cars offered in our showroom click here to purchase direct from our store. We have these on display and make the perfect gift for your automotive inspired child


Hot Rod Pedal Car Can be viewed and purchased here

1965 Ford Mustang Pedal Car can be viewed and purchased here

Chevy Bel Air Pedal Car can be viewed and purchased here



We also offer automotive inspired lamps and accessories such as this 1967 Chevy Camaro Lamp which can be viewed and purchased here.

Vintage Gasoline Signs Can be found here



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