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  • Do you really know what your car is worth?
  • Is the media broadcast of collector car auctions making the value of your collection unclear?
  • Have you been misguided by an illegitimate appraisal for insurance purposes?

Welcome to the world of collector car appraisals and market value services.

A majority of collector cars listed at auction and through the internet are never sold because of this. Buyers are knowledgeable enough these days to do their own research and know what a particular car is worth.  Unrealistic price tags on cars result in little or no interest on part of a legitimate buyer.  ACS can help its client accurately evaluate the worth of any vehicle, get a price tag on it that makes sense for both buyers and sellers, and increase the level of activity associated with the sale.

Be aware: Not all appraisal services are created equal. The majority of agents lack collector car restoration experience and the market knowledge needed to properly assign realistic market value. In the end, most car owners are unfortunately left with a report that gives little to no real market value and bases the replacement value on speculation alone.

Choosing an appraiser online through one of the many online resources may seem like a solution, but with a car collection being such a personal asset, we believe that each and every collection owner has the right to shake the hand of the person handling his most prized possessions.

ACS follows an entirely different approach toward valuation appraisals.

Not only are we licensed and bonded agents, but we are also restoration and collision experts.  We help our clients accurately valuate their cars and collections, and we can assist in the buying process by applying our rigorous inspection process to candidate cars before purchase.

We have the experience that allows us to spot every shortcut that may have been done during a restoration. We recognize fakes, clones and re-stamped components which can mislead some people into buying a car of much lesser value for an inflated price.  This can be of great value to a prospective buyer.  We go onsite with state-of-the-art equipment that detects body work and gauges paint thicknesses all the way down to the primer and sealer stage.  We will notice and document everything in its entirety in our reports.  Under certain circumstances, we will even arrange for the enclosed, insured transport of a vehicle to our facility for a complete evaluation.


An ACS report is unlike most being offered today.

Photographs alone never truly reveal a cars cosmetic condition even though modern digital equipment is very precise.

  • ACS will document the mechanical and cosmetic condition of the vehicle.
  • ACS will document the authenticity of the equipment and history of the vehicle.
  • ACS will road test and report all findings for safe operation with check list of repairs.
  • ACS will examine in detail the cars body and paint in exact detail since most of the cars value lies in its body alone and originality.
  • ACS will prepare a current market value for the car.
  • ACS will propose various levels of work that can be performed to bring the car up to the desired show-levels.

An ACS Appraisal will give you peace of mind, whether you are buying a car sight unseen or looking to properly place any one of your cars for sale in the current marketplace.

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