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  • Are you tired of sitting on the sidelines at the Concours field waiting for a ribbon or trophy that never comes?
  • Do you wish that your classic car would drive and ride like your modern sports or exotic car?
  • Do you live in fear,only able to drive your classic car conservatively as to not damage its originality?
  • Are vintage road rallies of interest and do you desire a car to participate in comfort and reliability?

The Custom Pro-Touring and Resto Mod scene has exploded over the last 10 years.  It continues to grow with some of the best built cars that bring staggering numbers at auction, on the skid-pad, and at the racetrack.

The Concept is simple

Take your favorite classic car and combine it with modern, top-of-the-line technology in order to have the best of both worlds. This is easier said than done as the executions of these projects are very challenging.  To put it simply, in order to achieve the desired result, you need expert help.

The ACS Garage has the breadth of experience necessary for restoring your classic car and bringing it to perfection and our core background with exotic sports cars and racing diversifies our knowledge and gives us the expertise needed in knowing the proper approach towards design and set up for a custom Pro-Touring build.  No other facility in the country has a more diversified background in car building.A standard restoration shop understands restorations, but lacks the experience in setting up Porsches, Corvettes, Ferraris, and other high-performance vehicles for the race track.

At the ACS Garage, we take everything we have learned over the course of 25 years racing supercars and engineering exotics in SCCA, Grand Am, Rolex, and 24 Lemans and we apply the same set-up principals for the entire build – from the ground up. There is no substitute for experience.  We do not ‘try’ and we do not guess.  We employ proven methodology, engineering, and techniques in order to achieve the results that our clients desire.

Bolting catalog parts onto a 50-year-old car and hoping for the best is neither the proper nor safe approach toward planning a custom project.  It takes technically sound engineering, master fabrication, and visionary design to bring these projects to fruition.

The ACS Garage can build you a car you can be proud of, drive regularly, and take to the race track – with all the creature comforts that your modern car has. We are able to meet all of your criteria within a budget that works for you.

The ACS Garage is an authorized dealer for the best products on the market, and we have selectively chosen these suppliers for their commitment to this market segment.


Contact an ACS specialist to schedule an in-house consultation or a test drive of one of our ACS built Mustang or Camaro Pro-Touring Muscle cars


The ACS Garage is currently building a complete Detroit Speed Equipped Ford Mustang Fastback. We will be posting a full build gallery shortly. ACS Garage is the only Detroit Speed Dealer and Installation Center in the NYC Tri State.


ACS Concept Rendering

ACS Concept Rendering




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