Collector Car Brokering

Collector Car Brokering and ACS role as the Sellers and Buyers Agent

There is a surplus of vintage car trading in the marketplace today. Where does your collector car stand? A Majority of collector car owners use the internet or consign to a live auction venue to seek prospective buyers. Success rates at times fall below 50% for a number of reasons outline below

  • 1. Lack of proper photos and marketing materials to stand out in the flooded marketplace
  • 2. Improper descriptions and history on each vehicle tends to make potential buyers cautious
  • 3. Cars are poorly represented in their mechanical and cosmetic conditions
  • 4. Sellers are seeking unrealistic prices due to misguided appraisals or lack of market knowledge
  • 5. Lack of broad marketing channels and industry networks that specialist like ACS use every day.

ACS will aid sellers in properly representing their vehicles for sale. Our Brokerage program first begins with an on- site evaluation of the vehicle and a proper appraisal and market analysis will be drafted. Our experienced staff will offer real market advice on how your car will successfully sell in the marketplace.
With the comprehensive service offerings of ACS we are confident that we can make your collector car stand out against others in the marketplace. Our restorative services will also yield a higher potential selling price.

Here is how simple it is to engage in our program:
ACS will be acting as the seller’s agent from start to finish of each transaction. ACS will be responsible for all marketing materials, online listings and auction applications for live venues.
Contracts can be based on 1-3-6 month terms with a set commission rate or an agreed upon upfront sellers fee. Our fees start at 7% of the final value of the sale but will vary on each particular case. Virtual online marketing programs will all be based on the scope of the campaign you are willing to invest in.
ACS offers sellers to have their vehicles in our indoor storage environment for potential buyers to come and engage in a sale with an ACS expert.

Buyers Assistance:
Aside from our comprehensive auction representation for buyers and sellers ACS also offers private buyers assistance to collectors. Through our network of sources around the world we are able to find that special vehicle you are looking to add to your collection. Our private buyers services completely eliminates the internet and the abundance of cars in that sector and we are able to find cars that rarely would ever hit the public marketplace for sale. As the buyer you become engaged with ACS through the entire process and this later becomes a very personal part of the buying experience. ACS charges a flat percentage fee based on the purchase price of the vehicle minus taxes and transport fees. Please contact us for more details

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