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It becomes difficult to provide accurate estimates for Concours Restoration and other special service work. The initial to-do list for a project will inevitably expand as the work progresses. Our team usually will uncover more than expected repairs and missing parts during the disassembly process. As a result the time and money required for the completion would then need to be adjusted. This is initially discussed during the planning phase and consultations.


Precise scheduling of the service and restoration needs of classic cars is difficult but will be done as exponentially accurate as possible. We will discuss with you our current work flow and our other prior commitments so we can meet your expectations.

Cash Flow

Large projects require a realistic approach to the financial obligation. We work against advance installments on all projects other than basic preventative maintenance. Once an approximate work progress calendar is established, we can develop a cash flow schedule so that you may anticipate the financial commitment required to keep your job moving. We offer flexible methods of payments for the projects start to completion phase.


We provide clear and current billing information to expedite the efficient completion of each project, whatever its scope. Charges for labor, parts, and outside services are listed on weekly repair records along with detailed labor descriptions. We send out weekly statements, which include copies of all records, with an accounting of payments made and payments due. If it becomes necessary to put a car in storage until the requested payment arrives, those charges plus interest on past due amounts will be billed to the project. Naturally, up to date accounts receive top priority in the shop schedule and full payment of all outstanding bills is required upon completion.


Our shop is covered under a multi million dollar policy against any and all liability however we urge you to have a separate policy on your vehicle while it is being restored for back up measures.


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