Auction Representation

  •  Are you Feeling Stuck with your Vintage Car Collection this year?
  •  Are you seeking some new acquisitions and need assistance?
  •  Does running your business limit your time to dedicate for taking your cars to auction and selecting new acquisitions?


ACS realizes that managing a collection can become overwhelming and we offer a Car Collection Management Service in order to alleviate the stress associated with collection management.  As you probably already know, the management of a car collection is challenging and multi-faceted.  Whether you own 3 cars or 30 cars,you need someone to maintain, house, and consult with you regarding those cars. Collecting cars is a passion for personal fulfillment and an investment product rolled into one.  High-level cars are tangible assets in our current economy and we understand that a wise financial decision-making process needs to be incorporated into the process.  You can use our expert knowledge to your advantage.

ACS offers the discerning car collector various programs to assist you in taking the burden of collection management off your shoulders.

Through a detailed, on-site consultation, an ACS staff expert will carefully evaluate your vehicles one by one and offer a true, market-certified appraisal.  You will also be given in-depth advice on when to sell, what to acquire, and which cars would be prime candidates for restoration.  ACS will afford you a wealth of knowledge and real market statistics to augment your buying and selling decisions.


ACS Offers Two Options

  • ACS can hand pick from your collection which cars would yield the greatest return and we can also advise and propose a detailed cosmetic Concours detailing profile which would help the car achieve the highest possible interest when crossing the auction block.
    ACS will handle all paperwork, application and logistics for you. Our representatives will travel anywhere in the world and act as your Agent for Buying and Selling.
  • ACS can also assist clients with a virtual sellers program where we can market your car or cars collectively via the online marketplace. This enables the broadest exposure possible in today’s market and this method can eliminate the buyers and sellers premium associated with a live auction venue. All sales will be based on a fixed commission pre-negotiated with an ACS representative when a contract is initially drafted.
    ACS will professional y photograph, video and create the proper marketing materials for a successful campaign on the world wide web.

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